Thermal Imaging Camera and Inspections


Four out of five homes have significant thermal inefficiencies which can be easily and cost effectively improved. By scanning buildings with infrared imaging camera equipment, heat loss can be captured in the form of a picture called a ‘Thermal Image’. From within these images information can be acquired and the thermal information can then be evaluated to identify where energy cost savings can be made. Conductive Heat Loss   Missing Insulation  Building Envelope


Thermal Imaging Surveys are regularly used within the building industry to validate the Building performance of homes and commercial buildings. With the ever increasing costs of utilities many more homeowners are now requesting thermal imaging surveys as part of an overall home inspection programme


Thermal Imaging Surveys have been designed to assess the thermal efficiency of a property by identifying areas of conductive heat loss, air leakage, thermal bridging and moisture intrusion.

Conductive heat losses are almost often due to missing, damaged or water saturated insulation within the walls or roof which can affect how well your property is insulated and how well it retains the heat within the building.


On most floors there is a 5-10cm topping that is very conductive of heat so the floor surface is nice and warm. This also means that it is perfect for seeing a thermal profile of the pipework. With the system energised we can see positioning of pipes, leaks and blockages. Where a heated floor is laid, if modifications are needed it is very useful to know where to drill and where not to drill in case you puncture a pipe. When marking the floor, make sure you tell the builder you have either marked where to drill or where not to drill. Getting it confused can cause lots of water damage and considerable embarrassment!



Central heating leaks occur for many occupants of plumbed buildings, they cause water damage to the property and cause deterioration of your property and heating system.  The methods we use can locate central heating leaks, under floor heating leaks, tank leaks, and any other type of leak that can happen to a heating system. We can find your leak without creating mess or damage to your property and give you a survey low-down before you decide what action to take.
We save you money by telling you exactly where the leak is saving you from having to rip floors up or damaging walls to find the suspected